Saturday, December 7, 2013

Inspirations in Life

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where Dreams Take Me

             Uncle Evan stood right beside me all those years

Let me dream of things from long ago,
Let my mind tonight wander and go,
Back to the old places I have been,
To be with the one who's now unseen.

May I dream of you as the moon ascends,
Let us share laughter before the night ends,
Grant this longing heart just one brief moment,
To have vision of you alive and present.

Let me hear your serious but hilarious joke,
Amuse this sad heart that your passing once broke,
Teach me your skills and tips on how to cook,
Or anything I won't learn from any book.

Dreams reopen the portal built in between,
To possibly see all that we have been, 
To experience former things once again,
To be with someone I have been missing.
To where you are, dreams would assure me to take,
Though reality unfolds the morning I wake,
But imaginations could never lessen ache,
Because your memory is my heart's keepsake.  

Friday, September 20, 2013

God’s Unfading Grace

These earthly things are all fleeting, 
What are we afraid of losing?
Gone were the days and everything, 
But God’s grace remains unfading.

Failures, daily struggles and pains, 
Shattered plans and broken dreams, 
Scarred heart covered with past stains, 
Cast it all to God for He mends.

Worries and burdens we can bear, 
Dim-lighted path we will travel, 
Unafraid to walk through narrow trail, 
Even through stormy seas we will sail. 

Do not fear, the Lord is in control, 
He pacifies troubled heart and soul, 
We may lose in this world’s battle, 
But He lifts us up when we fall.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You're a Rose

(for Auntie Cleofe)

Among the parade of lovely blossoms,
In the garden, one bud gracefully blooms,
That adorns the world with elegance,
And attracts everyone to take a glance.

The earth takes pride to see how it grew,
Into a Rose our hearts were attached to,
With petals of red, white, yellow, pink or blue,
That simple yet beautiful bud was you.

You’re a Rose that takes us into captivity,
Of your irresistible traits, scent and beauty,
You bring smile and joy despite adversity,
You signify hope, peace, love and infinity.

You’re a Rose that stands with thorns that prick,
But harms no one whether tough or weak,
Amidst storms and winds you never break,
You live strong and great for others’ sake.

"Thanks for being such an inspiration Auntie!
We wish and pray for your good health
physically, emotionally and spiritually..."

Your niece, 


Monday, September 9, 2013

Finding True Love

(Proverb 18:22)

In a crowd of millions, how will you search? 
     Someone who accepts your strengths and weaknesses,
And share sweet lifetime with you on earth, 
     For finding TRUE LOVE is one of the hardest. 

In this surprise-filled life, you will come across, 
     Someone you hold hands with in the longest journey,
That one person who loves you at your best or worse,
      Who sees 'YOU' alone even choices are many. 

Through broken roads, ruined bridges and rocky steeps, 
     You may pass clueless to where it would lead,
But what awaits for a heart that goes unsmooth trips,
      Is God's best reward, the One that you need. 

For in the Lord's holy book has been bound, 
      If you entrust everything to Him with great belief, 
The TRUE LOVE you're searching for will be found, 
      A good spouse is a favor to receive- a God's gift. 

This poem is for my husband, JAY...
      I thank GOD for leading me to you! 
      I love you!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


The loneliest road I'll always take, 
Is the one that leads me to your grave,
I come to see and touch once again,
Only your tombstone and picture frame.

The loneliest words I tearfully read,
Are the verses of your epitaph engraved,
The well-carved inscription that sadly states
In loving memory of someone great.

I’ve known what ‘loneliest’ means when you’re gone,
The world has wept in loss of a good man,
But that happens when life’s purpose is done,
Your soul returns to our Creator’s hand. 

just missing my Uncle Evan who died 4 months ago :( 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The moon and I

The moon floats alone in the sky tonight,
Glowing with pale light, dull and less bright,
No single star has stood by its side,
Behind dark, foggy clouds they all hide.

The moon and I are very much alike,
Wishing for that one star to display light,
Waiting that it appears now in sight,
Show up to brighten the sullen night.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

If Only I Could

(Dedicated to my Uncle Evan)
created : 08-4-2013 2:30 am

If only I could just smile with every thought of you,
And gladly recall the good times we have been through,
Without shedding sad tears today or tomorrow,
Unwrap this fragile heart from despair and sorrow.

If only I could control my mind from flashing back,
Those poignant scenes, I would opt to remain unlocked,
If it’s possible to reverse the hands of clock,
I'd freeze the moment before you breathed your last.

If only I could command my heart not to weep,
I’d send out words that my mind might also heed,
To plow out roots of grief that’s been buried deep,
But to the ground sadness tightens its grip.

If only I could ask for a replay of events,
Beside your deathbed I would have my presence,
To cradle you in my arms one moment more,
Wish I could have said Goodbye, I love you Uncle.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Forgiving Someone Who Did Not Say Sorry

We can find many verses in the bible that teach us the meaning and importance of forgiveness. As it is written in the book of Matthew 6:14-15, "If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins." As humans, we do commit mistakes and sins toward one another. With a lot of people we mingle daily, we may have hurt some of them through our words or actions and same way happened to us also.

I remember an old friend who betrayed my trust yet never claimed her mistakes. During our confrontation, she denied spreading gossips about me in the class though many have come to witness. We never had another chance to talk again after that incident which ruined our friendship. I had hard time forgiving her that I even hated to hear anyone mention her name. What she did to me was so unforgettable or even unforgivable. There were times I heard my other classmates repeat the negative things she relayed to them, I became the talk of the class and I was very affected. Maybe there's a few who believed to the hearsay but they're outnumbered by those who were unconvinced.

I kept asking my reflection in the mirror, does learning not to forget what she did to me means never forgiving her? Somehow soon if we bump into each other unexpectedly, the word "Sorry" would be enough for me to forgive and forget everything. But, considering that we haven't met again, I'd like to make myself believe that perhaps she wanted to say sorry but couldn't find chances to tell me. For many years, both of us do not know our whereabouts.

Not only one person did something wrong to me, they're many in my list. But I realized that as Christians, we must set an example to everybody by our words, actions and attitude. Forgiving someone maybe hard to do but with the help of God, it can be possible. The pains inflicted by other people will be healed then. If we just open our hearts, we can easily forgive the ones who hurt us whether they have apologized or not. 

Remember, FORGIVENESS sets us free from hatred and bitterness.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DEJA VU : dream or reincarnation?

Have you experienced getting familiar with a certain place you just came to? Or somewhat knowing a person you just met? Were there events and situations that seemed to have occurred in the past? These unexplainable things happened to me not just once but many times and it's a bit confusing. All the friends I consulted to regarding this matter have one statement in common - it's called DEJA VU. Different kinds of teachings and beliefs create contradicting thoughts in my head. Is it true that DEJA VU is caused by fragments  of past-life memories thus, having a link with REINCARNATION?    

In my own realization, DEJA VU can be caused by visions we had in our dreams probably. The dream-related situations can really make people think about having past life. It's just so hard to understand but everything which happens in connection to that is truly bewildering. It's really uncanny to go through situations as if they happened already in a remote time. But neither do I believe in DEJA VU nor REINCARNATION - that's my stand. 

I bet you have also experienced these mysterious things more than once, haven't you? 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

In Dreams

As the shining moon appears,
The lonely princess prepares,
To meet her waiting lover, 
Before the night is over.

I'd sleep early tonight, 
To be with my sweet knight, 
To spend long tender hours, 
In the garden of flowers. 

See you then in dreamland, 
Let us walk, hold my hand, 
At least we'll be together, 
In dreams, you're visibly near.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Healing - a lifetime process

The past is where we store all our troubles, disappointments, failures, losses and pains. We live at present to start life anew as we try to forget the things and situations that hurt us terribly. We go through tough healing process that every tomorrow promises to extend whenever we are still wounded and broken. 

Life is an uphill climb, there's always struggles. We strenuously and persistently move upward regardless of how rocky and steep the path is. Along our exhausting journey, we are pained and wounded by different kinds of obstacles but we never stop ascending. As we pause sometimes to breathe and relax, we tend to cure our bruises and injuries so as to continue this life's indefinitely-long trek. 

Despite what we experienced through the way we have passed, we are still determined to go up and get closer to the top. Sometimes we may look back to realize how far we have gone and compliment ourselves for what we have accomplished. As we recall the former things and experiences we have left behind, we either smile or cry. We smile at those which caused scars that completely faded but we still cry at those which traces of wounds have not disappeared yet. For this, I realize that HEALING IS A LIFETIME PROCESS. As we continue to live, we are bound to get hurt and suffer pain again and again. Time heals all our wounds one at a time and surely each will find cure depending on its depth and damage.

(My uncle's death was the most painful memory that bothers me all the time. Whenever we bring it up in our daily conversations, I always find myself wiping tears from my eyes. In this life, that's the deepest wound I ever had. I just hope & pray God will heal me, I mean us....all of us who love and miss him so much)

Monday, June 24, 2013


Just let me weep, allow my tears to flow,
In grief of something I can’t let go,
Let it cleanse my eyes from sorrow,
For pain to subside somehow I know.

If I mourn, let me have it all released,
Shedding tears is to feel quite at ease,
For a heart that’s occupied with sadness,
Let me give it some space to breathe.

Let me sob, let me pour the pain inside,
Down my cheeks let my lonely tears glide,
Let me show what I cannot dare to hide,
Though a hundred times I have really tried.

I smile and laugh to forget the heartache,
With happy friends around, I don’t feel weak,
But when silence comes, let me just weep,
Alone in the dark, I cry myself to sleep.

"missing you, cle evan" :(

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Your Life (Evan "Bobong" Mendoza)

After more than 13 years of battling cancer, Uncle Evan faced defeat and died. He's gone but his legacy continues and his memory lives on. He will be remembered as a good person who has lived a purpose-driven life. He has touched and inspired the lives of many. God loves him and so we all do. We miss him!

This is my second poem dedicated to Uncle Evan.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dear Uncle Evan

        Today, a month after you passed away, I let my mind take a stroll down memory lane as it recalls the time when I rushed to take an urgent trip from Bohol where I was supposed to pursue my schooling. I cried a bucket of tears while crossing the sea towards CDO aboard Superferry just to be present on the day of your operation. I chose to stay and spend more time with you as one of your doctors divulged that you were terminally ill with only 3 months left to live, but with God's mercy you continued to live longer than the given term.  Since the time you have miraculously survived from your first major operation due to colon cancer, we always look forward to celebrating each year that passes by. We often mark the calendar whenever your birthday approaches and when that specific date comes, we never forget to gather together and feast on some foods as we all thank the Lord for giving you another year, another chance to live and serve Him best. This has become our family's habit for 13 years.

        All those years, seeing you strong, healthy and safe is our joy; laughing at your serious but hilarious jokes and tasting your savory recipes are what we enjoyed most and NOW WE TERRIBLY MISSED.

        Early this year, we're haunted by the same fear that threatened us years ago, but it's more alarming & dreadful the second time around. You have laid on your hospital bed because of colon cancer complications. Successive operations made you weaker, thinner and pale. Our joy turned into sorrow but our faith remained unmoved as well as our hope. So as to sustain your costly prolonged medication, we begged for financial support from anyone who would be willing to help as we're already buried in debt - a lot of people, institutions and organizations have generously lent what they can afford to give and we are forever grateful to all our relatives, friends, bros & sis in the Lord and even strangers for their fervent prayers and generosity. We have always believed that God will answer our prayers of keeping you well again. BUT AFTER 3 MONTHS ON YOUR SICKBED, YOU FINALLY SUCCUMBED TO CANCER AND IT REALLY HURT  AND LEFT US ALL HEARTBROKEN. 

        God answered our prayers though not in a way we ever wished for, but through our faith and trust, we humbly submit to His will as we tearfully embrace the purpose and reason behind it. God did not take away your sickness for He knows what's best for you. For all the years that you've been battling cancer, He knows how tired you have become. So, he ended your suffering and freed you completely from excruciating pain and bitter sorrow. The 14-year extension to your life was clear enough to see how God loves you, He has given you the rarest chance to repent, live in godliness and store up heavenly treasures. We thank the Lord for His wonderful plans for your life - you were made ready to receive salvation before the time of your death. 

       "THANK YOU UNCLE!" You have loved, inspired, encouraged and taught us how important it is to live and serve God while there's still TIME. We are all grief-stricken upon your untimely death but we are truly glad that you're now at rest, peacefully waiting to receive your glorious reward. YOU WILL FOREVER STAY IN OUR HEARTS AS YOUR MEMORY LIVES ON! Thank you for the unforgettable precious memories! WE MISS & LOVE YOU SO MUCH...

                                                                 Missing You, 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Live today as if it is your last

LIFE is SHORT, we do not know how long shall we live and enjoy things in this world. It is best to live each day with righteousness because any day can be our last chance to serve the Lord and do good to other people. This idea crept into my mind when my grandma informed me that a relative passed away due to an accident.

I hardly slept that night after hearing the news, pictures of some people I know who faced untimely death kept flashing on my memory. Were they prepared to meet God? Do they deserve salvation? It is a fact that we will all die but no one can foretell when or how. 

Anytime or anyhow, are you ready?

Friday, May 3, 2013

broken homes, broken hearts

Marriage is a foundation in building a new home where love, trust and care must dwell. Out of love, children are added to complete a family. Married couples always start a new life together happily and hope to make it last. Problems and trials come to test their strength and faith, some survived to fight against all odds but others failed to save the previous thing they let loose. The kids fall as victims to their parents' wrong decision. 

Sharing thoughts from my very own experience, dealing with life's challenges is harder for a child who went through such kind of pain. As couples break apart, it's not just the home that goes broken, their children's hearts are crushed too.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

How do you measure Happiness?

Each of us has different definitions of the word HAPPINESS and we have our own ways of measuring it. Are you truly glad? Are you satisfied with your life? How would you know...?

Happiness is not measured by our laughter & cheers. Having many friends, close family ties, life's achievements and wealth - none of these is an assurance for one's perfect happiness. It is only with God that a person can say he is completely happy & content.

The truth is, happiness cannot be measured. It is fathomless.

Monday, April 15, 2013


my little left-handed artist

      At age 6, I had fondness to draw anything that came to mind or whatever I found interesting in sight. I used to create illustrations with stories behind which I can articulately tell to anyone who would ask. My mother usually took me to some relatives who would demand for my work in exchange of a few coins which enticed me to create more drawings artistically. Each year I was learning more and more through constant practice and techniques from my Uncle Evan who has passion for art during his youth. I have earned not just money but also appreciation from friends & classmates by simply approving their requests to do certain drawing projects at school.  

       When I happened to meet my real father during high school years, it was when I discovered that I inherited the skill from him. I think mentioning about my writing prowess which came from my mom is needed here or else she wouldn’t love reading my post hehehe. After knowing my Papa Dodong way back 1998, I had a month-long stay in Dapitan to meet my siblings. My sweet sister Arianne, an avid story listener was 8 years old then and Kim, my 4-year old brother was too curious about my hobby. Oftentimes, he approached me bringing pencil and paper with so much excitement on what I was planning to draw. A day will never pass without giving him a little pleasure through my simple sketches. He loved to draw too and it feels good to hear news from him that in several interschool contests, he consistently made it to the top.
      Now that I have a 3-year old son, I want him to acquire such ability. Luckily, he’s been showing so much interest in drawing so, I bought him a drawing board w/ pen which he always keeps close even during bedtime and carries anywhere we go if possible. Carl Jaybert shows off his talent through asking me to draw first then, he remembers my strokes and right after erasing what I drew, he comes up forming the same thing with his little pen. It is my happiness to see him imitating me, like my father and brother who have a heart for art. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013


When my Uncle was still in the hospital struggling for his life, I often heard him say "I'm tired" but he was also boldly telling everyone "I'm ready"

Woeful teardrops in countless fall,
Profound wish of a saddened soul,
Wanting to flee beyond sturdy wall
Of sickness that seemed incurable.

Deep stream of hope have turned shallow
But springs of faith unceasingly outflow
To water up parched field of sorrow
For planted seeds of wishes to grow

Speak a plea for longer length of stay
If granted or not, come what may
Sad yet ready if it all ends today
A life well lived is a good memory

For in this short and borrowed LIFE
The Lord has all the will and might
Anything goes but we can’t ask Him why?
We’re unworthy servants having no right.

(Riza Del M. Talanda , 4-4-2013 / 2:00 AM)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

FAMILY Is Worth Keeping

 (beautiful quote by Eva Burrows)

I understand those who dream to belong to a family they can call their very own because I was once like them. Growing up with the guidance of relatives rather than spending even half of this life with parents will never ever be the least choice picked by anyone.

The feeling of incomplete happiness, wishful longing, self-pity and envy are too heavy for a delicate heart to bear. Most people say that children who were born outside wedlock or raised in a broken family are rebellious, strong-willed and untamed. I admit to have been one of those misjudged or criticized by others because of my behaviour and attitude during my youth. But as time turned fast, I have matured and learned to discern what’s right and wrong.

Now that God granted my wish of having a FAMILY, I’m determined and faithful to keep it intact for I don’t want my children to go through the dark and lonely path I have once traveled.      

Love your FAMILY! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Her Ultimate Sacrifice for Him

      She gave up her chemotherapy to give way for his husband’s immediate operation and medication. A few months back, she wept in silence on a bus towards home as series of tests disclosed the shocking cause of several discomfort and pain she’s been feeling for months. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a mother of 3 children, wife of an ordinary man who dreamed and wished to live a happy, simple and healthy life with her family.

     Dealing with poverty was never easy for her but she stood strong through tougher tests and even serious illness. She went through major operation and chemotherapy twice which caused baldness. I never saw her sob or heard her say anything negative about her condition, despite what happened; she still managed to laugh out loud and move the usual way.

       But she was unable to complete her medication because her husband got sick with cancer too (colorectal/colon cancer). Every time I ask if she's done taking her doctor-prescribed medicines, she always answers "He needs the medicines more than I do. We have insufficient budget for his daily supply." They only rely on other people's donations in order to sustain his medical needs, it's good to know that relatives, friends and even strangers and other government institutions have willingly extended financial support but it's never enough because of his increasing need and demand for medical treatment. Though needing more rest and medical attention, she chose to never leave his side. Their daughter had stopped schooling to assist her in the hospital. She was there from day one up to the point that her husband’s health condition became worse - he has gone through 3 successive operations due to complications, there were times he had breathing difficulty; pain is his merciless oppressor. That was the time I saw her cry, she broke down in tears and felt so depressed.  

I salute how great & pure her love is which manifested through her ultimate sacrifice!

          I’m talking about my Uncle’s wife, Auntie Ana - a woman of strength and hope whose love is truly unconditional! Can we do the same sacrifice as she does? 

          I wish and pray that she also gets the treatment she badly needs. God is our hope and strength!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Grandmother's Heart

Of all the things I've learned and known, those taught by my grandmother were the best lessons I ever had. I was nurtured by Lola Nena with so much love, care and protection. She's my ever-present confidant and adviser, my best friend. Bringing out the best in me was her priority, she appreciates and compliments every simple or little thing I do - she's my fan and a critic too! 
Ever since, Lola has never hurt me with a rod, not even words; she speaks with an angelic voice that is always filled with wisdom and knowledge. Forgiveness overflows in her heart, I once caused trouble and problems to the family but she was the first person who accepted my apology and overlooked my shortcomings. From then on, I have strove to prove my worth and be my lola's pride.  

My Grandma's heart is a garden of colorful flowers that endlessly bloom with love as it is touched by the sunrays of hope and kissed by the rain of compassion. Love yah Lola!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Real Friendship is Life’s Great Treasure

Real friends are difficult to find for true friendship is a rare treasure that’s likely hidden into the earth’s deepest chest. Just like a miner, you need to dig up and seek signs to finally discover the prized gem. Once found, you would never want to lose it because you know how incalculable its value is. 

Real friendship comes from within, it is the treasure buried in someone’s heart. Anyone who has come across a good friend has found a real gold that does not change through the test of heat and beat.     

Having shared such kind of friendship with people whom you know you can trust and depend on is one of life’s greatest fulfillments. I have owned a few treasures and I’m keeping them for life, how many have you found? It doesn’t matter how many are they, the question is: how real are they?  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

God’s Rejection Is Sometimes Protection

There may be countless plans we had in mind that were never realized. There may be expectations that never happened, wishes that were not granted or prayers that seem to be unheard for we didn’t understand the way answers were given. God has loved us so much that He only wants what’s best for us.  Not all the time that each of our specified request is provided just like how we think it should be. It is important to accept and comprehend God’s own way as well as His timing. Sometimes, our requests are rejected because He knows it won’t be good for us as it may bring threat to our life or faith.

No matter how confused and doubtful we are of what’s happening around, it is best to trust God’s will and plan. If the mind cannot fathom, let the heart do the understanding and we will be at peace, waiting and trusting for what’s about to be given in due time.

Friday, January 11, 2013

I Love You : Say and Prove it...

“I Love You” is the most common statement that even my 3-year old kid knows how to pronounce well. These are the last words I always hear from my husband before my eyes shut and my mind forgets everything every bedtime. Couples, lovers, family members and friends do exchange this overly used phrase most of the time and it truly strengthens the bond.

These words are so romantic when expressed through writing and even sweeter when spoken. But, do we really mean when we say it to someone? 

Saying is not enough yet proving the truthfulness of our words through actions makes our expression more meaningful and genuine.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Are we ready this 2013?

Another year unfolds, what's in store for us this 2013? 
Are we ready for new challenges and experiences? 

In 2012...
Whatever mistakes we've done, have we regretted?
Whatever pains & failures we've had, have we moved on?
Whatever things we've gone through, have we learned?  
Whatever good things we received, have we been thankful?

We always prepare a list of resolutions for each coming year, have we completed even half of it? 

As a new year begins, have we prayed for guidance? 
Have we asked God to help us become better & renewed?

We cannot say we're READY unless we have entrusted everything to the Lord, have we?