Sunday, August 18, 2013

The moon and I

The moon floats alone in the sky tonight,
Glowing with pale light, dull and less bright,
No single star has stood by its side,
Behind dark, foggy clouds they all hide.

The moon and I are very much alike,
Wishing for that one star to display light,
Waiting that it appears now in sight,
Show up to brighten the sullen night.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

If Only I Could

(Dedicated to my Uncle Evan)
created : 08-4-2013 2:30 am

If only I could just smile with every thought of you,
And gladly recall the good times we have been through,
Without shedding sad tears today or tomorrow,
Unwrap this fragile heart from despair and sorrow.

If only I could control my mind from flashing back,
Those poignant scenes, I would opt to remain unlocked,
If it’s possible to reverse the hands of clock,
I'd freeze the moment before you breathed your last.

If only I could command my heart not to weep,
I’d send out words that my mind might also heed,
To plow out roots of grief that’s been buried deep,
But to the ground sadness tightens its grip.

If only I could ask for a replay of events,
Beside your deathbed I would have my presence,
To cradle you in my arms one moment more,
Wish I could have said Goodbye, I love you Uncle.