Friday, September 20, 2013

God’s Unfading Grace

These earthly things are all fleeting, 
What are we afraid of losing?
Gone were the days and everything, 
But God’s grace remains unfading.

Failures, daily struggles and pains, 
Shattered plans and broken dreams, 
Scarred heart covered with past stains, 
Cast it all to God for He mends.

Worries and burdens we can bear, 
Dim-lighted path we will travel, 
Unafraid to walk through narrow trail, 
Even through stormy seas we will sail. 

Do not fear, the Lord is in control, 
He pacifies troubled heart and soul, 
We may lose in this world’s battle, 
But He lifts us up when we fall.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You're a Rose

(for Auntie Cleofe)

Among the parade of lovely blossoms,
In the garden, one bud gracefully blooms,
That adorns the world with elegance,
And attracts everyone to take a glance.

The earth takes pride to see how it grew,
Into a Rose our hearts were attached to,
With petals of red, white, yellow, pink or blue,
That simple yet beautiful bud was you.

You’re a Rose that takes us into captivity,
Of your irresistible traits, scent and beauty,
You bring smile and joy despite adversity,
You signify hope, peace, love and infinity.

You’re a Rose that stands with thorns that prick,
But harms no one whether tough or weak,
Amidst storms and winds you never break,
You live strong and great for others’ sake.

"Thanks for being such an inspiration Auntie!
We wish and pray for your good health
physically, emotionally and spiritually..."

Your niece, 


Monday, September 9, 2013

Finding True Love

(Proverb 18:22)

In a crowd of millions, how will you search? 
     Someone who accepts your strengths and weaknesses,
And share sweet lifetime with you on earth, 
     For finding TRUE LOVE is one of the hardest. 

In this surprise-filled life, you will come across, 
     Someone you hold hands with in the longest journey,
That one person who loves you at your best or worse,
      Who sees 'YOU' alone even choices are many. 

Through broken roads, ruined bridges and rocky steeps, 
     You may pass clueless to where it would lead,
But what awaits for a heart that goes unsmooth trips,
      Is God's best reward, the One that you need. 

For in the Lord's holy book has been bound, 
      If you entrust everything to Him with great belief, 
The TRUE LOVE you're searching for will be found, 
      A good spouse is a favor to receive- a God's gift. 

This poem is for my husband, JAY...
      I thank GOD for leading me to you! 
      I love you!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


The loneliest road I'll always take, 
Is the one that leads me to your grave,
I come to see and touch once again,
Only your tombstone and picture frame.

The loneliest words I tearfully read,
Are the verses of your epitaph engraved,
The well-carved inscription that sadly states
In loving memory of someone great.

I’ve known what ‘loneliest’ means when you’re gone,
The world has wept in loss of a good man,
But that happens when life’s purpose is done,
Your soul returns to our Creator’s hand. 

just missing my Uncle Evan who died 4 months ago :(