Thursday, October 30, 2014

Memory Lane

Life is a long journey, an endless road that cannot be traveled backwards. Oftentimes, we carry old baggages  with us; one is filled with regrets, sadness, emptiness, failures and depressions and the other one is packed with happiness and fun, victories and celebrations. We complain about the heaviness we feel which keeps us weak and slow. Since we are reluctant to let go of everything, we become unaware that the luggage we put on our back is the cause of such inconvenience. Why don't we pause and drop off what's unnecessary? If we can't go on without something to carry as we feel hesitant leaving the bags behind, we can choose among the two. It ain't difficult to pick one: apparently, that one pack with beautiful keepsakes inside is a good choice. Forget the old luggage with unpleasant memories or remove everything from it and bring an empty pack along. 

Travel light, fast and far....if there are instances we do long or miss what we have let go, it's alright to look back and stare at the things held by our past. We can walk down memory lane sometimes and revisit what, who and where we've been but it's only the mind can travel opposite to the direction our feet is heading to. In reality, we can never turn around and take backward paces because time vehemently disallows.