Friday, July 26, 2013

Forgiving Someone Who Did Not Say Sorry

We can find many verses in the bible that teach us the meaning and importance of forgiveness. As it is written in the book of Matthew 6:14-15, "If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins." As humans, we do commit mistakes and sins toward one another. With a lot of people we mingle daily, we may have hurt some of them through our words or actions and same way happened to us also.

I remember an old friend who betrayed my trust yet never claimed her mistakes. During our confrontation, she denied spreading gossips about me in the class though many have come to witness. We never had another chance to talk again after that incident which ruined our friendship. I had hard time forgiving her that I even hated to hear anyone mention her name. What she did to me was so unforgettable or even unforgivable. There were times I heard my other classmates repeat the negative things she relayed to them, I became the talk of the class and I was very affected. Maybe there's a few who believed to the hearsay but they're outnumbered by those who were unconvinced.

I kept asking my reflection in the mirror, does learning not to forget what she did to me means never forgiving her? Somehow soon if we bump into each other unexpectedly, the word "Sorry" would be enough for me to forgive and forget everything. But, considering that we haven't met again, I'd like to make myself believe that perhaps she wanted to say sorry but couldn't find chances to tell me. For many years, both of us do not know our whereabouts.

Not only one person did something wrong to me, they're many in my list. But I realized that as Christians, we must set an example to everybody by our words, actions and attitude. Forgiving someone maybe hard to do but with the help of God, it can be possible. The pains inflicted by other people will be healed then. If we just open our hearts, we can easily forgive the ones who hurt us whether they have apologized or not. 

Remember, FORGIVENESS sets us free from hatred and bitterness.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DEJA VU : dream or reincarnation?

Have you experienced getting familiar with a certain place you just came to? Or somewhat knowing a person you just met? Were there events and situations that seemed to have occurred in the past? These unexplainable things happened to me not just once but many times and it's a bit confusing. All the friends I consulted to regarding this matter have one statement in common - it's called DEJA VU. Different kinds of teachings and beliefs create contradicting thoughts in my head. Is it true that DEJA VU is caused by fragments  of past-life memories thus, having a link with REINCARNATION?    

In my own realization, DEJA VU can be caused by visions we had in our dreams probably. The dream-related situations can really make people think about having past life. It's just so hard to understand but everything which happens in connection to that is truly bewildering. It's really uncanny to go through situations as if they happened already in a remote time. But neither do I believe in DEJA VU nor REINCARNATION - that's my stand. 

I bet you have also experienced these mysterious things more than once, haven't you? 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

In Dreams

As the shining moon appears,
The lonely princess prepares,
To meet her waiting lover, 
Before the night is over.

I'd sleep early tonight, 
To be with my sweet knight, 
To spend long tender hours, 
In the garden of flowers. 

See you then in dreamland, 
Let us walk, hold my hand, 
At least we'll be together, 
In dreams, you're visibly near.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Healing - a lifetime process

The past is where we store all our troubles, disappointments, failures, losses and pains. We live at present to start life anew as we try to forget the things and situations that hurt us terribly. We go through tough healing process that every tomorrow promises to extend whenever we are still wounded and broken. 

Life is an uphill climb, there's always struggles. We strenuously and persistently move upward regardless of how rocky and steep the path is. Along our exhausting journey, we are pained and wounded by different kinds of obstacles but we never stop ascending. As we pause sometimes to breathe and relax, we tend to cure our bruises and injuries so as to continue this life's indefinitely-long trek. 

Despite what we experienced through the way we have passed, we are still determined to go up and get closer to the top. Sometimes we may look back to realize how far we have gone and compliment ourselves for what we have accomplished. As we recall the former things and experiences we have left behind, we either smile or cry. We smile at those which caused scars that completely faded but we still cry at those which traces of wounds have not disappeared yet. For this, I realize that HEALING IS A LIFETIME PROCESS. As we continue to live, we are bound to get hurt and suffer pain again and again. Time heals all our wounds one at a time and surely each will find cure depending on its depth and damage.

(My uncle's death was the most painful memory that bothers me all the time. Whenever we bring it up in our daily conversations, I always find myself wiping tears from my eyes. In this life, that's the deepest wound I ever had. I just hope & pray God will heal me, I mean us....all of us who love and miss him so much)