Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where Dreams Take Me

             Uncle Evan stood right beside me all those years

Let me dream of things from long ago,
Let my mind tonight wander and go,
Back to the old places I have been,
To be with the one who's now unseen.

May I dream of you as the moon ascends,
Let us share laughter before the night ends,
Grant this longing heart just one brief moment,
To have vision of you alive and present.

Let me hear your serious but hilarious joke,
Amuse this sad heart that your passing once broke,
Teach me your skills and tips on how to cook,
Or anything I won't learn from any book.

Dreams reopen the portal built in between,
To possibly see all that we have been, 
To experience former things once again,
To be with someone I have been missing.
To where you are, dreams would assure me to take,
Though reality unfolds the morning I wake,
But imaginations could never lessen ache,
Because your memory is my heart's keepsake.