Thursday, October 30, 2014

Memory Lane

Life is a long journey, an endless road that cannot be traveled backwards. Oftentimes, we carry old baggages  with us; one is filled with regrets, sadness, emptiness, failures and depressions and the other one is packed with happiness and fun, victories and celebrations. We complain about the heaviness we feel which keeps us weak and slow. Since we are reluctant to let go of everything, we become unaware that the luggage we put on our back is the cause of such inconvenience. Why don't we pause and drop off what's unnecessary? If we can't go on without something to carry as we feel hesitant leaving the bags behind, we can choose among the two. It ain't difficult to pick one: apparently, that one pack with beautiful keepsakes inside is a good choice. Forget the old luggage with unpleasant memories or remove everything from it and bring an empty pack along. 

Travel light, fast and far....if there are instances we do long or miss what we have let go, it's alright to look back and stare at the things held by our past. We can walk down memory lane sometimes and revisit what, who and where we've been but it's only the mind can travel opposite to the direction our feet is heading to. In reality, we can never turn around and take backward paces because time vehemently disallows. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

May You Get Well :)

           Joy streams from my heart's overflowing spring,
           As I travel far to see you again,
           So did I stop my month-long worrying,
           I see rays of hope come out beaming.

           My eyes search for you as I arrive,
           There I found you after a 2-hour ride,
           Tears of happiness I tried to hide,
           Flowed like river as I hugged you tight.

           May you get well the next time we meet,
           May your pale palm and cheeks turn into red,
           May you look better when I revisit,
           May the Lord raise you from your sickbed.

This poem is dedicated to my sick loved ones whom I visited recently:
My dear Uncle Benhur who's now recovering from illness
& Auntie Ana who is battling cancer (since Uncle Evan died of Cancer too). 

It is my prayer that God will show mercy and heal them with His Miraculous Touch. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Birthday Wish

I am sharing to you this birthday wish of mine.  

        The recently concluded year 2013 has been a blessed one for me (wherein I had celebrated my 33rd birthday 2 days before it ended). Although there were heart-rending situations that moved me to tears & crushed my heart, I still consider what happened as part of God's plans for all of us - there were no words such as complaints or objection but only "Thanksgiving" that came out of my mouth because amidst many troubles & heartaches, God has been there comforting & giving me strength to accept and comprehend His mighty will. I have been posting sorrowful expressions about my Uncle's death but one thing's for sure, my heart rejoices because I know he's now at rest, free from pain (colon cancer) and peacefully waiting for God's glorious reward someday.

       I praise God for everything! My loving husband, Jay and sweet son, Carl inspire me to live happily despite all the pains, failures and losses. The Lord is the fountainhead of my strength and hope; my family is the wellspring of my happiness. I have loved ones, relatives and friends who make my life more meaningful and purposeful for the past years. 2014 marks another opportunity-filled year of new experiences and memories to be shared with them. As mentioned here in my short poem, there's nothing that I want to ask for myself; but for others, I do fervently pray especially for the bereaved family of my Uncle Evan. May His wife who's terminally ill with breast cancer and his brokenhearted children be comforted and healed. 

       May the good Lord grant My Birthday Wish not only for my loved ones who endure sickness and pain but for everyone across the world who feel and suffer the same. May this new year be a more blessed one for all of us!

Thank you for giving time to read my blog, may this post inspire you!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Inspirations in Life

May these quotes w/ awesome backgrounds inspire you :)
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Thank you for visiting my blog!!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where Dreams Take Me

             Uncle Evan stood right beside me all those years

Let me dream of things from long ago,
Let my mind tonight wander and go,
Back to the old places I have been,
To be with the one who's now unseen.

May I dream of you as the moon ascends,
Let us share laughter before the night ends,
Grant this longing heart just one brief moment,
To have vision of you alive and present.

Let me hear your serious but hilarious joke,
Amuse this sad heart that your passing once broke,
Teach me your skills and tips on how to cook,
Or anything I won't learn from any book.

Dreams reopen the portal built in between,
To possibly see all that we have been, 
To experience former things once again,
To be with someone I have been missing.
To where you are, dreams would assure me to take,
Though reality unfolds the morning I wake,
But imaginations could never lessen ache,
Because your memory is my heart's keepsake.  

Friday, September 20, 2013

God’s Unfading Grace

These earthly things are all fleeting, 
What are we afraid of losing?
Gone were the days and everything, 
But God’s grace remains unfading.

Failures, daily struggles and pains, 
Shattered plans and broken dreams, 
Scarred heart covered with past stains, 
Cast it all to God for He mends.

Worries and burdens we can bear, 
Dim-lighted path we will travel, 
Unafraid to walk through narrow trail, 
Even through stormy seas we will sail. 

Do not fear, the Lord is in control, 
He pacifies troubled heart and soul, 
We may lose in this world’s battle, 
But He lifts us up when we fall.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You're a Rose

(for Auntie Cleofe)

Among the parade of lovely blossoms,
In the garden, one bud gracefully blooms,
That adorns the world with elegance,
And attracts everyone to take a glance.

The earth takes pride to see how it grew,
Into a Rose our hearts were attached to,
With petals of red, white, yellow, pink or blue,
That simple yet beautiful bud was you.

You’re a Rose that takes us into captivity,
Of your irresistible traits, scent and beauty,
You bring smile and joy despite adversity,
You signify hope, peace, love and infinity.

You’re a Rose that stands with thorns that prick,
But harms no one whether tough or weak,
Amidst storms and winds you never break,
You live strong and great for others’ sake.

"Thanks for being such an inspiration Auntie!
We wish and pray for your good health
physically, emotionally and spiritually..."

Your niece,