Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You're a Rose

(for Auntie Cleofe)

Among the parade of lovely blossoms,
In the garden, one bud gracefully blooms,
That adorns the world with elegance,
And attracts everyone to take a glance.

The earth takes pride to see how it grew,
Into a Rose our hearts were attached to,
With petals of red, white, yellow, pink or blue,
That simple yet beautiful bud was you.

You’re a Rose that takes us into captivity,
Of your irresistible traits, scent and beauty,
You bring smile and joy despite adversity,
You signify hope, peace, love and infinity.

You’re a Rose that stands with thorns that prick,
But harms no one whether tough or weak,
Amidst storms and winds you never break,
You live strong and great for others’ sake.

"Thanks for being such an inspiration Auntie!
We wish and pray for your good health
physically, emotionally and spiritually..."

Your niece, 


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