Monday, September 9, 2013

Finding True Love

(Proverb 18:22)

In a crowd of millions, how will you search? 
     Someone who accepts your strengths and weaknesses,
And share sweet lifetime with you on earth, 
     For finding TRUE LOVE is one of the hardest. 

In this surprise-filled life, you will come across, 
     Someone you hold hands with in the longest journey,
That one person who loves you at your best or worse,
      Who sees 'YOU' alone even choices are many. 

Through broken roads, ruined bridges and rocky steeps, 
     You may pass clueless to where it would lead,
But what awaits for a heart that goes unsmooth trips,
      Is God's best reward, the One that you need. 

For in the Lord's holy book has been bound, 
      If you entrust everything to Him with great belief, 
The TRUE LOVE you're searching for will be found, 
      A good spouse is a favor to receive- a God's gift. 

This poem is for my husband, JAY...
      I thank GOD for leading me to you! 
      I love you!

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