Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Her Ultimate Sacrifice for Him

      She gave up her chemotherapy to give way for his husband’s immediate operation and medication. A few months back, she wept in silence on a bus towards home as series of tests disclosed the shocking cause of several discomfort and pain she’s been feeling for months. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a mother of 3 children, wife of an ordinary man who dreamed and wished to live a happy, simple and healthy life with her family.

     Dealing with poverty was never easy for her but she stood strong through tougher tests and even serious illness. She went through major operation and chemotherapy twice which caused baldness. I never saw her sob or heard her say anything negative about her condition, despite what happened; she still managed to laugh out loud and move the usual way.

       But she was unable to complete her medication because her husband got sick with cancer too (colorectal/colon cancer). Every time I ask if she's done taking her doctor-prescribed medicines, she always answers "He needs the medicines more than I do. We have insufficient budget for his daily supply." They only rely on other people's donations in order to sustain his medical needs, it's good to know that relatives, friends and even strangers and other government institutions have willingly extended financial support but it's never enough because of his increasing need and demand for medical treatment. Though needing more rest and medical attention, she chose to never leave his side. Their daughter had stopped schooling to assist her in the hospital. She was there from day one up to the point that her husband’s health condition became worse - he has gone through 3 successive operations due to complications, there were times he had breathing difficulty; pain is his merciless oppressor. That was the time I saw her cry, she broke down in tears and felt so depressed.  

I salute how great & pure her love is which manifested through her ultimate sacrifice!

          I’m talking about my Uncle’s wife, Auntie Ana - a woman of strength and hope whose love is truly unconditional! Can we do the same sacrifice as she does? 

          I wish and pray that she also gets the treatment she badly needs. God is our hope and strength!