Saturday, May 4, 2013

Live today as if it is your last

LIFE is SHORT, we do not know how long shall we live and enjoy things in this world. It is best to live each day with righteousness because any day can be our last chance to serve the Lord and do good to other people. This idea crept into my mind when my grandma informed me that a relative passed away due to an accident.

I hardly slept that night after hearing the news, pictures of some people I know who faced untimely death kept flashing on my memory. Were they prepared to meet God? Do they deserve salvation? It is a fact that we will all die but no one can foretell when or how. 

Anytime or anyhow, are you ready?

Friday, May 3, 2013

broken homes, broken hearts

Marriage is a foundation in building a new home where love, trust and care must dwell. Out of love, children are added to complete a family. Married couples always start a new life together happily and hope to make it last. Problems and trials come to test their strength and faith, some survived to fight against all odds but others failed to save the previous thing they let loose. The kids fall as victims to their parents' wrong decision. 

Sharing thoughts from my very own experience, dealing with life's challenges is harder for a child who went through such kind of pain. As couples break apart, it's not just the home that goes broken, their children's hearts are crushed too.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

How do you measure Happiness?

Each of us has different definitions of the word HAPPINESS and we have our own ways of measuring it. Are you truly glad? Are you satisfied with your life? How would you know...?

Happiness is not measured by our laughter & cheers. Having many friends, close family ties, life's achievements and wealth - none of these is an assurance for one's perfect happiness. It is only with God that a person can say he is completely happy & content.

The truth is, happiness cannot be measured. It is fathomless.