Saturday, December 22, 2012

Choose your Friends Wisely

     Five months ago, a worried mother confided to me a certain burden kept in her heart for almost a year. She used to be overwhelmed with her only daughter’s love, sweetness and obedience. But her sweet child suddenly manifested unusual behaviors and manners that has never been part of her upbringing method - that broke the depressed mother’s heart. Her precious girl who was badly influenced by her peers became so obstinate and rebellious. She asked me to visit their house so, I could talk to her child. Since I don’t feel like having full right to meet her daughter for a little effort of giving some pieces of advice, I just told my friend that the only thing I can do is to include them in my prayers. I let busy months pass by without seeing her due to my work.    

   Just this week, an unfamiliar face smiled at me so, I responded sweetly.  I sighted sadness in her misty eyes as she held my hand and let me hold a piece of paper while saying “thank you”.  She said it was her mother’s final request to deliver the message to me. I was in the verge of tears while reading my friend’s letter. Her sudden death made her daughter realize every wrongful thing she did while her mom was still alive. Now, she’s deeply buried in the sand of regrets wishing her tears and remorse could somehow restore her mother back to life. “It’s now too late. How I wish time would turn back and if it does, I won’t trade my mom for my bad friends”, the remorseful daughter said. Then, she turned away and left me a promise that she will strive to live a good life as what her mother always wanted. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Battle Against Cancer...

With much pity and worry, I felt a light pinch in my heart upon seeing my auntie's bald head. She is one of more than a million victims of breast cancer around the world. 

I admire how she shows strength, hope and faith that despite her present condition, she can manage to laugh and act normally as if nothing is causing her pain and sorrow. If you were to watch her with a covering on head, you cannot guess the kind or level of physical and emotional pain as well as fear she struggles to overcome day by day. 

Going through quite a few series of chemotherapy after surgery is a difficult stage for breast cancer patients like my auntie who never resign to the hope of recovering from such life-threatening illness. They  need our love, care, support, comfort and prayers as they battle against cancer. 

You must be lucky and thankful for being spared from such ailment this time but it is vital to have total awareness and knowledge about preventive measures for the sake of all important women in your life : it can be your grandma, mom, wife, aunts, sister, daughter, girlfriend and female buddies or even yourself (if you're a girl) - everyone may fall a victim.

I found this website very informative and helpful for you to learn: 

Everything About Breast Cancer
                  (click above link)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Your gadget can be more pleasing & inspiring!

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Take Time...

T A K E  T I M E
unknown author

- a meaningful poem -

If we only TAKE TIME to do what is important and meaningful, we get to know the real essence of LIFE.
And If we do, we can say we've LIVED with WORTH and MEANING, in SPLENDOR and BEAUTY.

Even when our TIME on earth gets OVER then, we'll find no REGRETS but only GOOD MEMORIES to leave as MARKS to the hearts of the people whom we have shared great and purposeful TIME with.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Unending Race

We Are All Participants In Different 
Kinds Of RACE In This Life.

At Every Stopping Point,
We Expect To Claim
The Reward For WINNING.

No Matter How Hard We Strive,
We Sometimes End Up Losing
And We Must Have The Courage 
To Accept That. 

But We Must Continue
With The Next RACE,

For There's Another Happy START
After Every Sad END...

(copied from my other blog site)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Appreciate Life...

When you learn to APPRECIATE the simple things you have,
you get to explore more reasons to be GRATEFUL.

If you hold the key of CONTENTMENT
the gateway to HAPPINESS will be unlocked.

Being able to wake up each morning and breathe alive
is more than ENOUGH to THANK the LORD for. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Life's Worries

GOD loves the birds and the plants, He feeds and sends them rain for survival. 
Will He not much more care for us - His MASTERPIECE?

Oftentimes, we are troubled about meeting our daily needs in order to sustain life.
We always look after tomorrow and think of what to spend the next day,
What to eat, drink and wear is always part of our everyday plan.

Let tomorrow worry for itself.
Let God handle everything including all your worries and troubles,
He is faithful to His promise of providing all your needs 
as long as you put Him first in your Life.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life is a Puzzle

LIFE is a MYSTERY, we never know what unfolds daily.
For every CIRCUMSTANCE that falls before us,
No one has the idea why & how it happens
Because LIFE is a confusing yet wonderful PUZZLE.

We are here putting all the PIECES together to make it
COMPLETE. If we are DONE, then that's the time 
We shall smile & say: "What a LIFE! Full of SURPRISES

(taken from my other blog site)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Good Fisherman

 Every time I think of seas and see fishermen,
My memory brings me back to the very tender years of my life,

I remember my GRANDPA (Lolo Pedro).

I'm reminded of how he painstakingly worked for his family,
How he gloriously raised his seven children and loved them,
including me (his first grandchild) till he breathed his last.

My salute to all the FISHERMEN for their noble occupation!

Love & Respect Due To Parents

REMEMBER How your Parents Nurtured You 
when You were YOUNG,

DON'T FORGET to Take Care of Them 
when They Grow OLD...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Soar High with your Dreams


No matter how unreachable your dreams may seem,
Just like a bird, soar high across the sky;
Above the highest mountain peak,
Beyond the clouds of doubts,

Feel the wind, enjoy your flight.

Sail on...

Despite any weather, amidst uncertainties and doubts,

Sail on and reach the next harbor...