Thursday, December 13, 2012

Battle Against Cancer...

With much pity and worry, I felt a light pinch in my heart upon seeing my auntie's bald head. She is one of more than a million victims of breast cancer around the world. 

I admire how she shows strength, hope and faith that despite her present condition, she can manage to laugh and act normally as if nothing is causing her pain and sorrow. If you were to watch her with a covering on head, you cannot guess the kind or level of physical and emotional pain as well as fear she struggles to overcome day by day. 

Going through quite a few series of chemotherapy after surgery is a difficult stage for breast cancer patients like my auntie who never resign to the hope of recovering from such life-threatening illness. They  need our love, care, support, comfort and prayers as they battle against cancer. 

You must be lucky and thankful for being spared from such ailment this time but it is vital to have total awareness and knowledge about preventive measures for the sake of all important women in your life : it can be your grandma, mom, wife, aunts, sister, daughter, girlfriend and female buddies or even yourself (if you're a girl) - everyone may fall a victim.

I found this website very informative and helpful for you to learn: 

Everything About Breast Cancer
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