Saturday, December 22, 2012

Choose your Friends Wisely

     Five months ago, a worried mother confided to me a certain burden kept in her heart for almost a year. She used to be overwhelmed with her only daughter’s love, sweetness and obedience. But her sweet child suddenly manifested unusual behaviors and manners that has never been part of her upbringing method - that broke the depressed mother’s heart. Her precious girl who was badly influenced by her peers became so obstinate and rebellious. She asked me to visit their house so, I could talk to her child. Since I don’t feel like having full right to meet her daughter for a little effort of giving some pieces of advice, I just told my friend that the only thing I can do is to include them in my prayers. I let busy months pass by without seeing her due to my work.    

   Just this week, an unfamiliar face smiled at me so, I responded sweetly.  I sighted sadness in her misty eyes as she held my hand and let me hold a piece of paper while saying “thank you”.  She said it was her mother’s final request to deliver the message to me. I was in the verge of tears while reading my friend’s letter. Her sudden death made her daughter realize every wrongful thing she did while her mom was still alive. Now, she’s deeply buried in the sand of regrets wishing her tears and remorse could somehow restore her mother back to life. “It’s now too late. How I wish time would turn back and if it does, I won’t trade my mom for my bad friends”, the remorseful daughter said. Then, she turned away and left me a promise that she will strive to live a good life as what her mother always wanted. 

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