Wednesday, January 29, 2014

May You Get Well :)

           Joy streams from my heart's overflowing spring,
           As I travel far to see you again,
           So did I stop my month-long worrying,
           I see rays of hope come out beaming.

           My eyes search for you as I arrive,
           There I found you after a 2-hour ride,
           Tears of happiness I tried to hide,
           Flowed like river as I hugged you tight.

           May you get well the next time we meet,
           May your pale palm and cheeks turn into red,
           May you look better when I revisit,
           May the Lord raise you from your sickbed.

This poem is dedicated to my sick loved ones whom I visited recently:
My dear Uncle Benhur who's now recovering from illness
& Auntie Ana who is battling cancer (since Uncle Evan died of Cancer too). 

It is my prayer that God will show mercy and heal them with His Miraculous Touch.