Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DEJA VU : dream or reincarnation?

Have you experienced getting familiar with a certain place you just came to? Or somewhat knowing a person you just met? Were there events and situations that seemed to have occurred in the past? These unexplainable things happened to me not just once but many times and it's a bit confusing. All the friends I consulted to regarding this matter have one statement in common - it's called DEJA VU. Different kinds of teachings and beliefs create contradicting thoughts in my head. Is it true that DEJA VU is caused by fragments  of past-life memories thus, having a link with REINCARNATION?    

In my own realization, DEJA VU can be caused by visions we had in our dreams probably. The dream-related situations can really make people think about having past life. It's just so hard to understand but everything which happens in connection to that is truly bewildering. It's really uncanny to go through situations as if they happened already in a remote time. But neither do I believe in DEJA VU nor REINCARNATION - that's my stand. 

I bet you have also experienced these mysterious things more than once, haven't you? 

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