Monday, April 15, 2013


my little left-handed artist

      At age 6, I had fondness to draw anything that came to mind or whatever I found interesting in sight. I used to create illustrations with stories behind which I can articulately tell to anyone who would ask. My mother usually took me to some relatives who would demand for my work in exchange of a few coins which enticed me to create more drawings artistically. Each year I was learning more and more through constant practice and techniques from my Uncle Evan who has passion for art during his youth. I have earned not just money but also appreciation from friends & classmates by simply approving their requests to do certain drawing projects at school.  

       When I happened to meet my real father during high school years, it was when I discovered that I inherited the skill from him. I think mentioning about my writing prowess which came from my mom is needed here or else she wouldn’t love reading my post hehehe. After knowing my Papa Dodong way back 1998, I had a month-long stay in Dapitan to meet my siblings. My sweet sister Arianne, an avid story listener was 8 years old then and Kim, my 4-year old brother was too curious about my hobby. Oftentimes, he approached me bringing pencil and paper with so much excitement on what I was planning to draw. A day will never pass without giving him a little pleasure through my simple sketches. He loved to draw too and it feels good to hear news from him that in several interschool contests, he consistently made it to the top.
      Now that I have a 3-year old son, I want him to acquire such ability. Luckily, he’s been showing so much interest in drawing so, I bought him a drawing board w/ pen which he always keeps close even during bedtime and carries anywhere we go if possible. Carl Jaybert shows off his talent through asking me to draw first then, he remembers my strokes and right after erasing what I drew, he comes up forming the same thing with his little pen. It is my happiness to see him imitating me, like my father and brother who have a heart for art. 

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