Thursday, April 4, 2013


When my Uncle was still in the hospital struggling for his life, I often heard him say "I'm tired" but he was also boldly telling everyone "I'm ready"

Woeful teardrops in countless fall,
Profound wish of a saddened soul,
Wanting to flee beyond sturdy wall
Of sickness that seemed incurable.

Deep stream of hope have turned shallow
But springs of faith unceasingly outflow
To water up parched field of sorrow
For planted seeds of wishes to grow

Speak a plea for longer length of stay
If granted or not, come what may
Sad yet ready if it all ends today
A life well lived is a good memory

For in this short and borrowed LIFE
The Lord has all the will and might
Anything goes but we can’t ask Him why?
We’re unworthy servants having no right.

(Riza Del M. Talanda , 4-4-2013 / 2:00 AM)

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