Wednesday, April 3, 2013

FAMILY Is Worth Keeping

 (beautiful quote by Eva Burrows)

I understand those who dream to belong to a family they can call their very own because I was once like them. Growing up with the guidance of relatives rather than spending even half of this life with parents will never ever be the least choice picked by anyone.

The feeling of incomplete happiness, wishful longing, self-pity and envy are too heavy for a delicate heart to bear. Most people say that children who were born outside wedlock or raised in a broken family are rebellious, strong-willed and untamed. I admit to have been one of those misjudged or criticized by others because of my behaviour and attitude during my youth. But as time turned fast, I have matured and learned to discern what’s right and wrong.

Now that God granted my wish of having a FAMILY, I’m determined and faithful to keep it intact for I don’t want my children to go through the dark and lonely path I have once traveled.      

Love your FAMILY! 

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