Thursday, January 17, 2013

God’s Rejection Is Sometimes Protection

There may be countless plans we had in mind that were never realized. There may be expectations that never happened, wishes that were not granted or prayers that seem to be unheard for we didn’t understand the way answers were given. God has loved us so much that He only wants what’s best for us.  Not all the time that each of our specified request is provided just like how we think it should be. It is important to accept and comprehend God’s own way as well as His timing. Sometimes, our requests are rejected because He knows it won’t be good for us as it may bring threat to our life or faith.

No matter how confused and doubtful we are of what’s happening around, it is best to trust God’s will and plan. If the mind cannot fathom, let the heart do the understanding and we will be at peace, waiting and trusting for what’s about to be given in due time.

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