Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Real Friendship is Life’s Great Treasure

Real friends are difficult to find for true friendship is a rare treasure that’s likely hidden into the earth’s deepest chest. Just like a miner, you need to dig up and seek signs to finally discover the prized gem. Once found, you would never want to lose it because you know how incalculable its value is. 

Real friendship comes from within, it is the treasure buried in someone’s heart. Anyone who has come across a good friend has found a real gold that does not change through the test of heat and beat.     

Having shared such kind of friendship with people whom you know you can trust and depend on is one of life’s greatest fulfillments. I have owned a few treasures and I’m keeping them for life, how many have you found? It doesn’t matter how many are they, the question is: how real are they?  

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