Monday, June 24, 2013


Just let me weep, allow my tears to flow,
In grief of something I can’t let go,
Let it cleanse my eyes from sorrow,
For pain to subside somehow I know.

If I mourn, let me have it all released,
Shedding tears is to feel quite at ease,
For a heart that’s occupied with sadness,
Let me give it some space to breathe.

Let me sob, let me pour the pain inside,
Down my cheeks let my lonely tears glide,
Let me show what I cannot dare to hide,
Though a hundred times I have really tried.

I smile and laugh to forget the heartache,
With happy friends around, I don’t feel weak,
But when silence comes, let me just weep,
Alone in the dark, I cry myself to sleep.

"missing you, cle evan" :(

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